Stay Informed and Safe with MyRxProfile

Adverse drug interactions are the 4th leading cause of death in America. Decentralization of the health system, insurance/co-pay avoidance, and reduced accessibility to professionals is shifting the responsibility of keeping you and your family safe to you.

Our mission is to save lives by empowering you with the information you need when you need it. You’re in charge of keeping yourself safe, and you need MyRxProfile before mixing medications.

ADRs cause at least 100,000 deaths per year

ADRs are the fourth leading cause of death

There are over 2 million serious ADRs Yearly

30% – 50% of Americans don’t tell their doctors what they’re taking

The Past

One primary care physician knew everything about you and your neighborhood pharmacist was available for questions and guidance.

Current Problem

Coverage changes all the time, you have multiple specialists, and you fulfill prescriptions and buy OTCs from clerks.

The Solution

MyRxProfile Provides immediate interaction alerts and knowledge at-hand wherever they fulfill prescriptions and purchase OTCs.