MyRxProfile, LLC, is committed to protecting your online privacy. We maintain high security and privacy standards for all site-related information. Obviously, no system is perfect or infallible, so if you do not wish to have any of your information known to any entity, including MyRxProfile, LLC, do not subscribe to this service or use the web or mobile application and do not input or provide any information of a personal nature. While MyRxProfile does not require or request your personal medical information, and will not distribute your personal information outside of the scope of the terms and conditions of use and privacy agreements which you consent to by using our sites, applications, and services, your choices to input information into the application may place that information into the system and therefore is done at your own risk.When you register, if you provide us with a valid email address, we will inform you of future changes to our Privacy Policy. Otherwise, you will not receive notices of any changes.

MyRxProfile, LLC Privacy  Promise

Once you voluntarily place personal information on the MyRxProfile, LLC website or into the mobile application, we become the sole owner of that personally identifiable information. We may use that personally identifiable information to contact or identify you. Names, home addresses, telephone numbers, and emails are types of personally identifiable information. We don’t sell or provide your personal information to any third parties unless they are our business partners, or as otherwise described in this Policy or the terms and conditions of use. If you opt in, we may share your information with companies that we work with or which we believe might be of benefit to you. If you don’t wish your information shared in this way, please opt out to be removed from our distribution list.

Who May Use This Service

This application and MyRxProfile, LLC services of any kind are not designed for use by minors, and access, use or registration by a minor is strictly prohibited.  MyRxProfile, LLC is not responsible for or liable to any minor who accesses or uses any service offered by or through MyRxProfile, LLC. MyRxProfile, LLC web applications and all services are intended strictly for use in the United States, and MyRxProfile, LLC is not responsible for or liable to any person, regardless of citizenship, who accesses or uses any service offered by or through MyRxProfile, LLC outside of the United States. Foreign persons must not disclose personal information or use the site or services. MyRxProfile, LLC may also use cookies, Registered User information, or other means of information gathering based upon user access and input.

Personal Information Collected by MyRxProfile, LLC

MyRxProfile, LLC may collect some Personal Identifying information, however any information used to create reporting information, such as business reports, aggregate reports, etc. will not contain any of your personally identifiable information .  MyRxProfile may store your personally identifiable information in the following situations:

Your prescription profile information may be stored in your account if you use our services which allow such information to be stored for future use by you.

Billing or on-line payment Information: When you join or register with MyRxProfile, LLC, your email, address or credit information may be stored for future orders or customer service.

If you decide to start an account with MyRxProfile, LLC, we will store and use your personal and/or billing information to facilitate your continued use of MyRxProfile sites, applications and services, including but not limited to service offers, email alerts, news items, advertising, and updates.      This may include your contact information.  MyRxProfile, LLC will collect personally identifiable information from visitors to the site, particularly those desiring to receive service offers, email alerts, news items and updates.  MyRxProfile, LLC, by necessity does and will continue to use the services, content, technology, and facilities of third-parties in the conduct of its business and for continuity of its services, and therefore may use or incorporate that information as part of providing those united services.

MyRxProfile, LLC may also divulge or disclose your personal identifying information without your consent, knowledge or court orders if we are required or requested to do so by the operation of law, law enforcement or administrative, government or judicial authority.  Your information may also be used or reviewed in the process of handling, investigating or reviewing security violations, data breaches, or other similar matters.  We may also “clean” and use certain data from your information for demographic, statistical, historical or other uses related to business operations, planning and marketing.


MyRxProfile, LLC provides web- links to other non-MyRxProfile, LLC owned/operated websites.  We provide web-links as a courtesy to our users, however such links do not mean MyRxProfile, LLC is related to, promotes, or approves the third-party services, goods, or entities, nor is MyRxProfile, LLC in any way responsible or liable for the content, actions or services of said sites or applications or their use of any information you provide or make available to them by accessing those links, sites, applications or services. You should always carefully and closely review all policies and terms of use of any web-based site before you ever provide any personally identifiable information on or offline.

How MyRxProfile Secures the Protection of Your Information

For purposes of securing the protection of your information, MyRxProfile hosts its services with Aptible, Inc. They publicly post their security policy and practices, which can be viewed here.

MyRxProfile User Names and Passwords

All users of MyRxProfile, LLC services are solely responsible for the privacy, secrecy and confidentiality of  their own access and use of  information accessed with their passwords, keys and usernames, including but not limited to passwords, user names and other means of access themselves.  MyRxProfile, LLC cannot protect against unauthorized use or access to your account in the event your passwords, keys, and/or usernames are divulged or exposed by you intentionally, carelessly or negligently, with or without your knowledge, and therefore MyRxProfile, LLC shall have no liability of any kind to its users for such unauthorized  access.


MyRxProfile, LLC collects numerous data on site usage, traffic, statistical monitoring of patterns, and other identifiers via cookies and web server logs, in order to better personalize your use experience, offers, services and convenience.  You may at any time adjust your browser settings to facilitate or disable our use of cookies, and this is your sole responsibility.

Only select persons who operate under strict security and confidentiality programs and obligations may access the information that is collected and stored for  MyRxProfile, LLC.

Your Permission

By establishing an account with, and/or by using any services offered by or through MyRxProfile, LLC, you expressly agree to and consent to  MyRxProfile, LLC, collecting and using your information and information related to you in the manners described herein.

In addition to the myriad rights, permissions and consents you provide in agreeing to the terms, policies and conditions herein, you consent and give us the full and unfettered right to electronically monitor our sites, apps and service, and your use thereof, and to disclose any data, information or electronic communications of any kind if required or requested to do so by any legal, administrative, judicial or law enforcement agency, or under any regulatory or government request.  Such disclosures will be given if we determine, in our sole discretion, it is necessary or appropriate to our services, apps or site operation, or to protect the rights or property of ours or others, including but not limited to advertisers, other users or our Associates (as defined in the terms and conditions).

Personal Responsibility & Obligations of Users

By using MyRxProfile, LLC services or establishing an account, you personally and expressly agree to take upon yourself the sole responsibility to:

  • Review, monitor, restrict and control all use, access, input and maintenance of your passwords, user name or ID, account information and profile data in or on your MyRxProfile, LLC account.
  • You agree to notify us immediately if you suspect any unauthorized use of your account access information or any other suspected breach of security. You also agree that you will not allow anyone, including persons who have been blocked or terminated from using our services, to access our services using your account information or ID.
  • Immediately notify MyRxProfile, LLC of any customer needs or concerns regarding data related to your account or profiles at :

Insert Various Contact Information for Different Departments

  • You agree to use MyRxProfile, LLC sites, apps and services only for lawful purposes. We reserve all rights to determine that your actions are damaging to the proper function and use of our services and we may, without notice, restrict, suspend, deactivate or terminate your account or use of our apps, sites or services, in our sole discretion at any time.
  • You acknowledge and agree that we may immediately and without notice deactivate or delete your account and all related information and files in your account and bar any further access to such files or data on our sites, apps and services, and you agree to fully release and waive all Claims and Damages of any kind as against MyRxProfile, LLC and its Associates for doing so.
  • You agree not to (and we will not permit) hacking or defacing any MyRxProfile, LLC property or use of MyRxProfile, LLC property for spamming, flooding, or other disruptive or unlawful activities. You are strictly prohibited from using any MyRxProfile site, apps or services for any unlawful, harmful, offensive, slanderous, threatening, abusive, mean, harassing, defamatory, obscene, hateful, fraudulent, sexually explicit, criminal, racially, ethnically, or otherwise inflammatory or offensive communication or information, including, but not limited to any actions or communications in violation of any and all applicable local, state, national, or international laws or statutes.
  • With respect to your account, you agree to provide accurate and current information, and to maintain and promptly update your account.

Account Deletion

We prioritize the privacy and control of our users’ accounts. We understand that circumstances may arise where users wish to delete their accounts from our platform. To ensure transparency and provide a seamless experience, we have implemented a feature that allows users to delete their accounts directly from the settings.

How to Delete Your Account

  • Access Your Settings: Log in to your account and navigate to the settings page.
  • Initiate Account Deletion: Within the settings, you will find an option to delete your account. Click on this option to proceed.
  • Confirmation: A confirmation prompt will appear, asking you to confirm your decision to delete your account. Please note that account deletion is irreversible, and all associated data will be permanently removed from our system.
  • Finalize Deletion: Once you confirm the deletion, your account will be scheduled for deletion. Please allow some time for the deletion process to complete.

Important Information

  • Data Removal: Deleting your account will permanently remove all your personal information, settings, preferences, and any content associated with your account from our platform.
  • Impact on Services: After deleting your account, you will no longer have access to your account and any associated services or features.
  • Account Recovery: Once your account is deleted, it cannot be recovered. If you wish to use our services again in the future, you will need to create a new account.

Need Assistance?

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding the account deletion process, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at